Tax Advice

Tax and accounting services for your UK business.

I have twenty eight years in dealing with what is now HM Revenue & Customs, offering tax help to businesses in the Leicestershire area and beyond who may have fallen behind on their tax and VAT returns for whatever reason.  With no fuss I bring the client’s tax affairs up to date without a large bill at the end of it.

In all my experience I have found that if you work with HM Revenue & Customs then they will work with you and this is a major step towards ensuring all paperwork is up to date and correct.

I’m passionate about what I do, my primary focus is to ensure each and every client receives a prompt and professional service no matter how small or major the project. I mainly offer tax help and tax advice in Leicestershire but happy to take calls from further afield.

Faithful Accounting for Our Clients

We provide hassle-free tax and accounting services to ensure your business complies with HM Revenue & Customs.