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I am a mobile hairdresser running a small business locally. Mark does my accounts and self assessment at the end of the year. He is also on hand if I have any questions.

I recommend Mark to everyone, reliable, friendly and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for! 5 star!



Mark did exactly what his service says it will do, he sorted out my tax. But not only that he did it with speed and efficiency.

A very professional service I would recommend. S Lazou

I really needed somebody to come in and sort out my accounts after falling behind with my extra earnings. I found it difficult to get the information I needed on the HMRC website, but Mark was able to understand my situation and explain what I needed to do to get up to date.

I decided to use his service to file my returns and the whole process was dealt with quickly and with minimum fuss and trouble on my end. I have already recommended Mark to people I know and will continue to do so. AL, Leicester

I was getting myself into a really anxious state over my tax. I wanted to sort it out but I could not make myself get started. I found SortMyTaxOut by accident because the website perfectly describes what lots of us need to do – sort my tax! They took me on immediately, made it really simple and was very re-assuring.

The team kept me informed and the very reasonable fee was worth every penny. If you have been stung by excessive accountant’s fees before – don’t worry. SortMyTaxOut is really reasonable and is worth every penny.

Louise, Cambridgeshire

When I met Mark I had three years tax returns outstanding and the Inland Revenue started sending nasty letters, Mark called them and explained all the returns would be in shortly, and within two weeks I was up to date and he even arranged a payment plan that suited me and the IR. KB, Surrey

As usual I left my tax return to the last minute and found myself trying to submit it on the 31st January, however I got a little mixed up and I called Mark, he talked to me over the phone and he managed to submit it for me on line with just hours to spare even though he was away on holiday in Blackpool. Mick, Kent

My son and me have our tax returns done by Mark, we are both subcontract scaffolders and are deducted 20% off our gross pay, we get our accounts to him shortly after the tax year and for three years running now he has managed to get our tax rebate within two weeks of submitting the return. Pete and Paul, Measham

I must admit I had left all my accounts and VAT returns for three years without submitting them to the Inland Revenue, then the letters, demand letters, surcharge letters, bailiff letters, it came to a point where I didn’t open them, one day I came across Mark’s advert on Gumtree and gave him a call.

Within hours he had stopped the letters coming and obtained what was a TV box of paperwork and sorted it all out, turned out I didn’t owe the IR as much as I had thought, you couldn’t imagine the relief. The invoice for the work wasn’t expensive and was well worth the money anyway. RA Limited, Essex

As a building contractor I run a very successful bricklaying firm with eight staff, I was trading as a sole trader but worried about going over the VAT threshold.

Mark explained my options in plain english which I fully grasped my different ways I could go, he converted my business into a Limited Company and registered for VAT, I just carried on laying bricks as he took all this paperwork away and sorted it all out for me. Doug Myer, Leicester

I run a small recruitment firm and have a small sole trader business myself, I rarely bother with post, Mark sorts it all out, if its business he records it and files it, if its personal he just gives it me back to deal with.

My tax and VAT is done on line and he tells me what to pay and when so I don’t even have to think about it.  Gary F, NW Leicester

GF Limited